Memory, What Memory? Sculpture and painting in the studio # 13 at the Banff Centre, Entr’arts 2017.

Memory, An Intimate Ingredient

Growing up in France gave me a strong sense of classical composition, while my adult life in Canada allowed me great creative freedom with colors and space. The best way for me to express both cultures in my paintings is by blending the mastery of brush strokes with an audacious use of colors. Acrylic and watercolor are my favorite materials to show everyday life, its fears and its joys, because they allow me to paint fast, always with great freedom of movement. More deeply though, my intimate ingredient comes from the memory of first love.

Modigliani. Love at first sight on a rainy day, in a palazzo near the Grand Canal in Venice. Turning the corner of a grey hallway, I found myself face to face with Jeanne Hébuterne with a yellow sweater. A surprising conversation followed. Painted in 1918-1919, the picture showed me, sixty-seven years after the death of the artist, what art is. Its emotional value, its deeper meaning. The painted woman opened for me a new form of dialogue. I learned a language that uses colors to express emotions and composition to tell a story. A visual ideal to pursue.