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March 16, 2018

School Workshop

Ecole de la rose sauvage beautiful mask

The CAVA art gallery mask workshop was a great success. Eight extra-large masks were created by school children from four francophone schools and with the help of five francophone artists, Doris Charest and Virginie Rainville in Edmonton and Patricia Lortie, Étienne Grangé-Praderas and Sabine Lecorre-Moore in Calgary. This project was made possible by a grant from the Secretariat Francophone.

The school: In Calgary école la rose Sauvage and école du Nouveau Monde, In Edmonton école Notre Dame and école Claudette et Denis Tardif


Upcoming Events

Sabine’s sculpture and painting for the exhibition Devenir, Banff Centre, 2017,

April 21, 2018 is the third annual presentation of the event Dans mon studio. Francophone artists across the whole province will open their studio doors and welcome you to their creative spaces.

May 6 to 26, 2018 Art Point Gallery and Studios Society presents an exhibition, called Devenir, proposing paintings and sculptures by the the Collective Devenir. This is an art installation by artists Doris Charest , Danièle Petit, Patricia Lortie, Karen Blanchet and Sabine Lecorre-Moore . They explore the idea of the creation of an artwork.


Interest: Book

The Orange Balloon Dog, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market 

Picture of Jeff Koons’ 12 foot sculpture “Balloon Dog” , sold for $58.M in 2014. Photo credit PRIVÉ

York university professor, Don Thompson, explains in depth “the true depth of madness in the market for contemporary art.” Thompson’s book is a page-turner and a fascinating read for everyone interested in the art world.






Painting Alberta

painting by sabine lecorre-moore

Larch Valley, 6″x6″, 2017

Painting Alberta is a social-media-based project on Instagram and Facebook. It began with a commission of miniature Alberta landscapes that inspired Sabine to create more than 100 acrylic 6”x6” canvasses over the coming two years. This project is a visual thank you letter to the province she has called home for nearly 30 years. You can participate by sharing your favourite Alberta photos for consideration for the project.