Where is Home?

Vimy Ridge, July 1, 2013

Vimy Ridge, July 1, 2013

“Where is Home?”

“Where is Home” is a multimedia project, created in public and private spaces, through a series of Time Lapses images. This video speaks to a sense of belonging to a place, a country or a home, which brings us peace and security. The link in each Time Lapse is a symbolic and sculptural door, which invites people to express their feelings of home. This work of art inspires the viewer to discover “his Home” in the world.

The door has been transported to various locations in Europe and North America. Visually, it is represented by a sculpture resembling an 180cm x 120cm bright orange painted doorframe. This object is placed in front of each scene, in order to create a sense of graphic unity. The door is a symbol enclosing each individual’s perception of home.

Through this opening we discover the feelings of others. Having this sculpture in the open air, in front of houses, in nature and in cities, it will seek reactions of people passing by. Also a soundtrack has been captured with interviews of the people encountered throughout the journey.

“Where is Home” invites the viewer to become involved in the research of what is home through the creation and viewing of this film. The mission of this project is to share a wide range of thoughts with the participants and the public on the idea of interdependence to a place. In a moving world where we are often disconnected from our roots, this project asks the question what defines “Home” to us.