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September 2019


Vital Line Project
Patricia Lortie and Sabine Lecorre-Moore
May 25 to Septembre 29, 2019

These are the last few weeks to participate in the Vital Lines project at the Leighton Art Centre. The installation will be dismantled at the beginning of October. I will be present to meet you on both afternoons of Alberta Cultural Days, on September 28 and 29. Thanks to all of those you who have given more than 3,000 wishes since the exhibition opening on May 25th.
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The Leighton Art Centre
282027 144 St W, Millarville, AB T1S 0Y4

The collective Devenir in Salmon Arm
August 10 to September 21, 2019

Opening evening at the Salmon Arm Arts Centre, photo credit SLM.
The Salmon Arm Arts Centre is the last stop for the exhibition Devenir, an art installation of paintings and kinetic sculptures from the Devenir collective. We are grateful for the warm welcome by the people of Salmon Arm who received the exhibition with open arms.

Painting Alberta

Presentation of the project Painting Alberta, during a residency called Entr’arts, at he Banff Centre, photo credit Serge V. Richard.

Painting Alberta at the Banff Centre

During an art residency organized byRAFAthis summer, I had the opportunity to exhibit Painting Alberta’s miniatures in the Banff Centre’s gallery Project Space for three days. It was a great discovery to see the paintings interact together like a huge landscape. The public response was very positive.

What is your Alberta story?

 Nick Cave at the Glenbow Museum

Artist Nick Cave’s sculptures, photo credit SLM 
This is the last weekto see the exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Nick Cave. A musician, writer, filmmaker, designer and visual artist, he has an extraordinary exhibition at the Glenbow Museum, which should not be missed.

Painting Alberta Video

Banff Centre visitor enjoying the exhibit Painting Alberta.